Sunday, 20 February 2011

Subject Resourses:Subject Texbooks

Dear Guys and Gals, As noted in a previous message, the Textbooks for this semester are:

Liz-&-John Soars [2008] The-New-Headway-Intermediate-[Students-Book]: The-‘New’ [3rd] Edition-Oxford-University-Press:-Oxford.

Liz-&-John-Soars [2008] The-New-Headway-Intermediate-[Work-Book]:
The-‘New’-[3rd] Edition-Oxford-University-Press:-Oxford.

Original copies are now available at the copy center on the men's campus and at Hattary Bookshop, 25 Street, Shuhada Shamalaih [near the fire station]. in town. You can phone Mr. Sinan Hasan for details as to how to get there on: 0508324251.

Please do NOT purchase the New Headway Plus edition. It is not the edition we are using. Only purchase the 'new' or '3rd' editions.

Please find below updated pdf versions of the books:

Students Book
Work Book

Friday, 11 February 2011

Message from Simon:Welcome Back

Dear Guys and Gals, Welcome Back to another semester. I hope this will be a better one for all of you. I will be away from Taif for the first four days [I am still in Australia] but I will be working away until I leave and online so if you have any questions please contact me.

This semester in Medical English 2 we will be using only one book namely New-Headway-[Pre-Intermediate] the 3rd edition. There will be original copies available for sale in the men's campus and Mrs. Faten will find out how best the girls on the women's campus can get copies. Please make sure you get the correct edition!!!!

For now, I am attaching pdf copies of the Student and Work books. Download them and have a look. You will however need to have hard copies for when work commences on them in the second week.

For now, be good and happy, and again, best wishes for the coming semester.

Students Book
Study Book