Friday, 21 January 2011

Subject Resources:Subject Outlines

Dear Guys and Gals, I am being asked questions about what is worth what in the final marks. Just to remind you I am posting the Subject Outlines you should have all received at the beginning of the semester [I, at least, remember handing them out in week 1 to the guys...]

If you look, you will see that the final exam for the Medical English subject is worth 40 % of the final mark and the final exam for the Communication Skills [Grammar] class is worth 60 %.

As usual, be good and happy!

Subject Outline: Medical English
Subject Outline: Communication Skills

Exam Update:Questions & Answers: Final Grammar Exam

Sorry for the delay in posting these. I have been in Jeddah pretending I am a human being [ie. someone who has weekends...].

Please find below a link to a copy of the exam paper with the answers on it. Please note that the exam has been marked by Faten and Muhib as generously as possible tso that there may be answers that have been marked correct that on are noted on the document supplied.

p.s. good luck in the Biology exam tomorrow.

Final Exam: Questions & Answers

Monday, 17 January 2011

Online Resources:Order of Adjectives

One of the questions tomorrow will relate to the order of adjectives. Find below a link to a very useful website on this Grammar point which also contains a set of exercises which will help you prepare for tomorrow's exam.

Order of AdjectivesLink

Powerpoints: GrammarReview Units: 1-5

LinkI have had some requests for copies of the Powerpoints of the Review Units from the Powerbase Course Book. While I don't thing they will necessarily help you in the exam, here they are. If you do have a look at them today, just concentrate on the Grammar Extra sections.

Review 1
Review 2
Review 3
Review 4
Review 5

Exam Extra:One for the Girls: Sample Grammar Questions

Girls, girls, girls, this post is for you.

It has just occurred to me, after an email from one of you, that you do not yet have an idea of what the questions will look like tomorrow. The guys did a make up exam a couple of weeks ago that was written using the same format as the exam tomorrow.

So, find below a link to the boys make up exam. I have included the answers as. If you look closely, you will see how each of the questions resembles the activities in the Study Book. If you find it useful, tell your friends.

The Guy's Mid-Term Make-Up Grammar Exam

Exam Update:Tomorrow's Exam

With respect to tomorrow's exam, as I have said before, all you really need to do is look at the the Grammar sections of Units 1-9 of the Study Book.

If you are clever should should be able to work out which questions I have modeled the questions in the exam on. I am providing a link to the pdf I have posted before with all the Study Book Powerpoints on it.

And remember
.... DON'T PANIC!!

Study Book: Grammar Section Powerpoints [pdf]

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Exam Update:Medical English: Questions & Answers

Guys & Gals, hope you are well and have recovered from the experience of doing the exam.

As is my custom, I am posting a copy of the exam with the answers.

Keep an eye on the blog for further updates.

Medical English: Questions & Answers

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Exam Update:Sample Powerbase Listening Files

I have been asked to put up some samples of the listening files from Powerbase and here are five of them. They will give you some idea of what to expect in the Powerbase based listening questions tomorrow.

Remember, I have chosen the easiest listening file I could find for tomorrow's exam and the questions are easy, so, again:


Sample Audio Unit 1
Sample Audio Unit 2
Sample Audio Unit 3
Sample Audio Unit 4
Sample Audio Unit 5

Exam Update:Final Information About the Exam

Guys and Gals,

I am not sure why there is such confusion and why so many of you are panicking.

To ease you minds, let me tell you this:

There are two exams:

1. English for Medicine [aka. Medical English]

2. Grammar for Communication [aka. Grammar for Communication] -

1. The 'English for Medicine' Exam
is tomorrow and consists of 60 questions.

There will be 10 listening questions included in this 60.

- 5 of the listening questions will be on the Gallbladder and will be similar to those you do every week in the large lecture.

- the other 5 listening questions will be on another topic. The listening comes from the Powerbase book and will not be difficult - believe me.

Of the 50 other questions:

- the first lot of 25 [5 X 5 lots of questions] will be in the same format as the questions you do every week in class in the English in Medicine textbook and exactly the same format as the mid-term exam.

- the second lot of 25 [again 5 X 5 lots of questions] will be similar to the types of questions you can find in the Powerbase Study and Course books.

2. The Communication Skills is on Tuesday and consists of 40 questions.

It is broken up into 10 sections with 4 questions each relating to the 10 topics covered in the Grammar section of Units 1 -9 on the Powerbase book. That is they will relate to:

- Questions & Answers;
- the Present Simple/Present Continuous;
- 'will' and 'won't';
- the Past Simple;
- Modals;
- Order of Adjectives;
- the Present Perfect;
- the Present Perfect/Past Simple;
- Time Clause; and,
- First Conditionals.

As I have said on countless occasions: work through the Grammar exercises in the Study Book and you will have no problems in the Grammar exam on Tuesday.


If you have any other questions post them here.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Exam Update:Gallbladder: Key Words

As you hopefully all know by know, the topic of the Reading and one of the Listenings in the exam is the Gall Bladder.

As I did last semester, I am providing a list of some of the words you might want to make sure you know. Remember however you need to base your answers on what you read and hear. This is an English exam, not an exam trying to test your knowledge of the Gall Bladder!!!

Key words:

approximately, bile, cholecystectomy, complication, concentrate (to), crystallize (to), crystals, diarrhea, digestive, duct, emulsify (to), gallbladder, hepatic, jaundice, nausea, neutralize (to), pear, secrete (to), spontaneously

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Powerpoint: Study BookPdf of the Powerpoint for Complete Book

I've had a request for the answers for the study book. What I have decided to give you instead is a link to a pdf of all the Powerpoints I have posted during the last week. I think you will find this a bit more useful as the answers appear in the form they will appear in the exam.

Study Book: Powerpoint Units 1-10 [pdf]

Monday, 10 January 2011

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Powerpoint: Study BookUnit 3: Making Plans

Please find links to: the Powerpoint; Unit; and Audio for Unit 3: Making Plans.

Study Book: Unit 3 [Powerpoint]
Study Book: Unit 3 [Textbook]
Study Book: Unit 3 [audio]

Powerpoint: Study BookUnit 2: Lifestyles

Please find links to: the Powerpoint; Unit; and Audio for Unit 2: Lifestyles.

Study Book: Unit 2 [Powerpoint]
Study Book: Unit 2 [Textbook]
Study Book: Unit 2 [audio]

Powerpoints: Study BookUnit 1: Checkpoint

As promised, I am posting copies of the Powerpoints, audio and textbook pages of the first three Units of the Study book. I'll post the material for the other units later in the week. You will find these units very helpful while preparing for the final exam.

For now, please find links to: the Powerpoint; Unit; and Audio for Unit 1: Checkpoint.

Study Book: Unit 1 [Powerpoint]
Study Book: Unit 1 [Textbook]
Study Book: Unit 1 [audio]

Friday, 7 January 2011

Exam Update:Practical Exam: Online Medical Unformation Sites

As you know, for the practical exams will require you to talk for 2 to 3 minutes about a medical related topic. These might include, for example: a medical condition, a medical procedure, or a a drug.

Last year, I posted links to a number of medical on-line information sites. These are sites that are aimed at providing information for members of the general public about medical problems they might be facing; medical procedures and test they might be undergoing; and, hints about how to live longer and healthier lives.

Apart from providing you an insight to what patients may know about their real or imagined conditioned, such sites also often provide clear straightforward information about a wide range of medical issues.

As always however, it is always wise to check who runs these websites. While many are set up by Government bodies and/or Doctors associations, some are set up by drug companies and other interests groups pushing particular types of solutions for or, perspectives on medical problems.

Websites of this kind might be helpful to you in preparing for your practical exam!!

STMEP: Medical Online Information
STMEP: Medical Online Resources

Exam Update:Communication Skills

The best way to study for the Communication Skills / Grammar for communication exam is to go over the Grammar Sections for each unit in the pages of the Study Book. It is also a good idea to have a look at the 'Grammar Extra' Sections of each of the 5 Review Units of the Textbook.

While I will be posting Poweroints of each in the coming days, for now, I am posting pdfs of each. I am also posting a copy of the make test that was done by the Men's section last Tuesday. This will give you a good idea of what the final exam will look like. Please note, by the way, the similarity of the Question on the make-Up Test and the Activities in the Study Book!.

Remember, the final exam will only cover the first 9 units of the textbook. There will be no questions on 'Second conditionals'!!

Pdf - Grammar Sections of Study Book
Pdf - Grammar Questions in Review Sections
Men's Communication Skills Make- Up Test [with answers]

Grammar for Communication: Online ResourcesUnit 10: Second Conditionals

In Communication Skills / Grammar for Communication classes this week we looked at the Second Conditional. The second conditional is like the first conditional. We are still thinking about the future. We are thinking about a particular condition in the future, and the result of this condition. But there is not a real possibility that this condition will happen.

If you want to read more about this grammar point and do some online exercises, follow the following links.


Powerpoint: Medical English 1Practical Unit 10: Different Cultures

Please find below links to the Powerpoint for the Practical Classes for Unit 10 of the Powerbase [Intermediate] textbook and was entitled "Different Cultures

I have also included a pdf version of the Powerpoint; the audio for the unit [minus the Grammar related material].

Powerpoint 10
Textbook [pdf] 10
Audio 10

Powerpoint: Grammar for CommunicationUnit 10 - Second Conditionals

Please find below links to the Powerpoint Presentation for the for Grammar for Communication / Communication Skills class for Unit 10 of the Powerbase [Intermediate] book which concerned the Second Conditional.

I have also included a zipped file of the audio for the unit, a pdf of the Powerpoint and the section of the textbook for the unit. There was no audio for this week .

CS Powerpoint 10
CS Textbook 10