Friday, 27 May 2011

Exam Update:Final Written Exam

Dear Guys and Gals, i am just writing to let you know that the final written exam will be on the the 6th of June [I think]. It will consist of a total of 60 questions: including 10 listening questions. All questions will be either Multiple Choice or True/False and will cover the first 7 Units of the book.

I will provide examples of the questions you might expect to receive in the couple of days along with key words. If you have any questions please let me know by email.

For now, good luck with your exams next week and especially Chemistry tomorrow.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Work Book Extra:Powerpoint PDF's: Work Book Units 6-8

Please find below links to pdf versions of Unit 6 to 8 of the Workbook Powerpoints. I posted the audio about a week ago here.

Powerpoint pdf: Work Book Unit 6
Powerpoint pdf: Work Book Unit 7
Powerpoint pdf: Work Book Unit 8

Course Book Extra:Audio: Course Book Units 6-8

Please find below links to the Audio for the Course Book for Units 6 to 8.

Audio: Course Book Unit 6
Audio: Course Book Unit 7
Audio: Course Book Unit 8

Course Book Extra:Powerpoints: Course Book Units 6-8

Guys and Gals, find below links to pdf's of the Powerpoints for Units 6 to 8 of the Course Book. I'll be posting them in the usual way over the next coupe of days so those of you who like working through the Powerpoints Step by Step can do that. I will be outing up the audio files in the next post.

By the way, during the break, I plan to post the Powerpoints for all the remaining units of the New Headway Intermediate Books so that those of you who are interested cab continue to work through them.

Powerpoint pdf: Course Book Unit 6
Powerpoint pdf: Course Book Unit 7
Powerpoint pdf: Course Book Unit 8

Friday, 20 May 2011

Final Practical Exam:Class Powerpoint

Guys and Gals, find below a link to the Powerpoint I presented on class last week argumentative speeches. I have included a pdf version of the Powerpoint as well.

Good luck!!

Final Practical Exam: Argumentative Speeches [Powerpoint]
Final Practical Exam: Argumentative Speeches [Pdf]

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Practical ExamMake Your Propositions Strong

Just a reminder that when preparing your speeches for next week that it is essential to make sure that the propositions you are arguing are STRONG.
For example, take the following topics suggested on the website posted earlier this week:

  • Do schools have the right to search students’ lockers?
  • Should children be given sex education in schools?
  • Should the state fund schools run by particular faiths?
  • Should schools require their students to wear a school uniform?
  • Are beauty contests harmful?

  • In order to make these effective propositions, you need to replace the question words "do", "Should" and "Are" with the word "That":

  • That schools should / should not have the right to search students’ lockers!!
  • That children should / should not be given sex education in schools!!
  • That the state should fund schools run by particular faiths!!
  • That should require their students to wear a school uniform!!
  • That beauty contests are/are not harmful!!

  • Remember you will be trying to convinve your audience that a particular proposition is true. In order to do this you will need to make sure it is strong.

    Online Resouces: Persuasive Speaking Tips: Tracey Goodwin

    Find below links to a series of talks on Youtube on the issue of Persuasive Speeches. The short videos are presented by Tracy Goodwin — who has a Masters in Corporate Communication and 10 years experience in professional speaking — on behalf of Expert Village.

    The first link is to the expertvillage website page, the remainder to individual videos on Youtube.

    - Tracy Goodwin on Expert Village
    Introduction Examples for Persuasive Speeches
    How to Write a Conclusion for Persuasive Speeches
    Logos, Pathos, & Ethos Appeals in Persuasive Speaking
    Credibility in Persuasive Speaking
    5. Understanding the Audience in Persuasive

    . Using Evidence in Persuasive Speeches

    Online Resources:Argumentative Speeches

    Please find below some links on to some sample Argumentative Speeches.

    Please note that you will only have 2 to 3 minutes to give your speech next week so your speeches will be shorter than many of these. Remember also that you will have to talk about both the arguments against your proposition as well as the arguments in favour. The ones on organ donation and stem cell research are of particular relevance to you as future doctors.

    1. Stem Cell Research
    2. Spanking Children
    3. The Legalization of Legal Drugs
    4. Organ Donation

    Friday, 13 May 2011

    Practical Exam:Online Resources: 2

    As noted last week, you will have to give what is sometimes known as an 'argumentative speech' for the Practical Exam. 'Argumentative speeches' are also sometimes refered to as 'persuasive speeches'.

    Please find below was some links to web resources on persuasive speeches.

    sample speeches:
    social networking
    organ donation

    Workshop Extra:Audio Units 6-8

    Find attached the audio files from units 6 to 8 of the Workbook. I will post pdf's of the Students book Powerpoints as soon as possible and then will post the Powerpoints themselves later in the week.

    Audio Workbook Unit 6
    Audio Workbook Unit 7
    Audio Workbook Unit 8

    Tuesday, 10 May 2011

    Practical Exam:Sellected Web Resources

    He is a copy of a post I posted for the first years students last year at this time. I hope it helps:

    As noted in class this week, an argumentation / argumentative speech is "a form of persuasive public speaking. The speaker presents a personal opinion, judgment or idea about a controversial and current issue, problem, value or dispute in a way that the opinion of the audience will change in favor of his or her side". [] Argumentative speech ideas are controversial and refer to current political, social, business, religious iPracticassues, disputes, policies and values.

    There are lot of sites of the web related to argumentative speeches and in particular, possible argumentative speech topics . Check some of the links below:



    Practical Exam:Final Practical [Oral] Exam

    As hopefully you know by now, the final Practical Exam will be held during your normal class time in two weeks and will involve you giving an 'argumentative speech' of two to three minutes length related to a topic of your course. You can talk about any issue you wish.

    I will give you a lot more information about argumentative speeches over the two weeks but in brief they involve you trying to convince your audience that a particular proposition is true. Among the types of arguments you might want to convince your audience of are:
    - that girls are smarter than boys
    - that women should be allowed to drive cars

    - that Riyadh is a better city than Jeddah
    - that Asprin is better for headaches than Panadol.
    - that students who get A+ should get paid more.

    For now, here is link to the handout about the exam.

    Final Practical [Oral] Exam

    Exam Update:Powerpoint pdf's

    Dear Guys and Gals, please find below links to the pdf's for Units 6 to 8 of the Work Book. I will post the Powerpoints for these units along with the Powerpoints for the Course Book in he normal way along with links to exercise pages for the various grammar points pver the next couple of days. I am posting these pdf's now because I have been having lots of requests for me to do so.

    Now, know a lot of you are nervous about the upcoming exams. Please be assured that Ayana and I will do our best to help you. Please however also be assured that we are not going to give you the questions [or answers] nor are we going to give you an exam that is lower than the level of the book. Please however keep an eye on this blog. I will try and post material that will help as often as I can.

    pdf Work Book Powerpoint: Unit 6
    pdf Work Book Powerpoint: Unit 7
    pdf Work Book Powerpoint: Unit 8