Thursday, 29 September 2011

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Weekly PowerpointUnit 2: Personal Information

Please find below links to Media Fire files for:
1. the Powerpoint for Unit 2 of the textbook
entitled "Personal Information";
2. The audio for the Unit; and,
3. a pdf of the Powerpoint.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

From the Newspapers:Recent Articles From The Arab News

One of the best way to improve your English is to read the newspaper in English. This can be a difficult task to do especially when you are busy medical students. What I plan to do is to provide some links to some medical related articles contained in some of the local English language newspapers [e.g. Arab News and the Saudi Gazette]. Hope you find them interesting.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Weekly PowerpointUnit 1: Nice to Meet You

Please find below links to Media Fire files for:

1. the Powerpoint for Unit 1 of the textbook
entitled "Nice to Meet You";
2. The audio for the Unit; and,
3. a pdf of the Powerpoint.

If you place the Powerpoint file in the unzipped folder containing the audio you should find that the audion files play automatically as you work your way through the Powerpoint. if you have any problems or questions, please feel free to phone or email me at the number/address in the column to the left of the posts. If you don't already have a program on your computer to unzip files, try 7-zip.

If you would like to get access to these files every week through Dropbox, please send an email to: with the message: "please add me to the Medical English Dropbox"


Message from SimonTextbook for the Course

The textbook for the first part of this course is entitled English 1A and it has been especially prepared for the students of Taif University by a team from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The first book will hopefully be available next week and will distributed free of cost.

There will be three other books for this course: English 1B, English 2A, and English 2B. I am not sure whether they will be free or not but, they will be available when the previous books are completed.

The books will start at what is commonly known as the Elementary Level and Conclude at the end of the Pre-Intermediate level. While the material in these books will appear to be very easy for at least some of you, we hope you will use the classes as a chance to consolidate the English you have learned up to now.

Message from SimonWelcome to the Taif University Medical English Page

Dear Guys and Gals,
Welcome to the Taif University Medical English Page! The aim of this blog spot is to provide a means to supply you with resources that will be helpful during the course of your English subjects this year. It is also hoped that you will use it as a means to comment on subjects raised in the course and to also ask questions.

Among the things you will find on this blog are:
1. links to copies of the Powerpoints and audio for each Unit of the textbook;
2. information about assessment items [exams etc..]; and
3. links to websites where you can learn more about and practice some of the vocabulary and grammar items in raised during the course of the classes.
It will also contain, from time to time, links to articles and websites related to medical issues both in Saudi Arabia in particular and the wider world.

This blog is yours as much as it is mine so please feel free to comment and make suggestions as to how it can be improved.

For now, be good and happy,