Friday, 23 September 2011

Message from SimonWelcome to the Taif University Medical English Page

Dear Guys and Gals,
Welcome to the Taif University Medical English Page! The aim of this blog spot is to provide a means to supply you with resources that will be helpful during the course of your English subjects this year. It is also hoped that you will use it as a means to comment on subjects raised in the course and to also ask questions.

Among the things you will find on this blog are:
1. links to copies of the Powerpoints and audio for each Unit of the textbook;
2. information about assessment items [exams etc..]; and
3. links to websites where you can learn more about and practice some of the vocabulary and grammar items in raised during the course of the classes.
It will also contain, from time to time, links to articles and websites related to medical issues both in Saudi Arabia in particular and the wider world.

This blog is yours as much as it is mine so please feel free to comment and make suggestions as to how it can be improved.

For now, be good and happy,



  1. thanks Dr-simon i am still here (student from last year) i am Trouble maker

  2. once a trouble maker, always a trouble maker. There is a new book this year set a lower level. You might be interested in downloading the Powerpoints for friends and family to use.