Friday, 1 October 2010

Textbooks:Medical English 1: Practical Classes

The main text book for the Practical classes in the subject Medical English 1 will be the Pre-Intermediate book in the International edition of the Powerbase series of textbooks. Along with the Course Book, there is also a Study Book which you can use to strengthen what you covered in the Course Book at home.

We are still trying to find out details about the availability of the original versions of these book but until we know for sure you can get them, photocopies of the two books together for the guys will be available on their Campus [girls, ask your teachers]. There is a shop in town - Al Hattary Stationary - that has offered to stock the book. Its address [I think] is: 25/ Street, Al-Shuhada - Al Shamalyah. The phone number of the store is: 7405160. The name of the contact person is: Mr Sanan Hasan. Otherwise you can contact your favorite book shop and see if they can get you copies.

For now, however, I am posting links to pdf versions of the books you can look at.

Powerbase-[Intermediate]-Course-Book: Deposit Files, Hotfile
Powerbase-[Intermediate]-Study-Book: Deposit Files, Hotfile


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