Monday, 25 April 2011

Exam Update:Why? Why? Why? 'Cuz! 'Cuz! 'Cuz!

Dear Guys and Gals, Hope you are all well. I am still getting some questions asking why the answers were the way they were. I am going to post a detailed Powerpoint on the weekend where I will go through each question. For now, however, I will deal with a couple of questions that have been causing most grief.
B: 7 Were you allowed to smoke when you were a teenager? You needed to write 'were' because we were talking about an event that took place in the past [ie. when the person being spoken to was a teenager]. This might be one of the questions we end up being flexible about.
B8. I had to get up very early yesterday morning. The answer we were looking for was 'had' but "couldn't" and even "could" also work so we will accept them as well.
C: 13. Doctors can’t / can learn to communicate with ordinary people. It's 'can' because "some teaching hospitals" would not "now train their medical students to have a good bed-side manner" if it was not going to have any effect.
D: 21 foreigner - foreign. Some students have been saying that this was difficult. We have however covered the word in class. One student asked whether 'foreignness' would be acceptable and as it is a word and a noun we will of course accept it.
D: 22 offensive offensive [we are marking all students correct for this one] A bit confusing, sorry. As a noun 'offensive' refers, amongst other things, to something an army / or opposition launches. If you have be listening to the news over the past couple of months you will have heard it a couple of times a bulletin. The adjective that goes with this version of the noun is 'offensive' [ie. the same word]. It is true however that offensive as an adjective does go with the noun offense which some of you may have been more familiar with.
F:26. She wasn’t very happy because she had had a bad day. the word is "had" because her unhappiness had happened in the past. It would be "has" in the first part of the sentence was "She isn't very happy because she has had a bad bad". We will however accept "has" just this once.
F: 29. I am getting married in a few weeks. Sorry, there is only one possible answer for this one, unless I am missing something.
G:B:33 Could you (33) book the conference room for a meeting for me? Book is the correct answer because the other option needs to be used elsewhere. We will however accept "arrange".
G:A:37 Right. I’ll (37) see to it straight away. "to see to" is a phrasal verb you should know [look here for the word 'see' and look down until you see the list of phrasal verbs] : and certainly a lot of you do. Ayana and I will think about what to do with this one once we have marked more papers.
G:B:39 Oh, we’ll need coffee and biscuits at about eleven o’clock. Can you arrange that? 'Arrange' is the correct answer. We will however accept 'make' and 'book'. In this section we will allow you to use either 'arrange' and 'book' twice even though we thought it was implied that you could only use each one once.
If you have questions about any other questions let me know. [Be Happy!!]


  1. it's a new phrase to me..
    see to it
    i've never heard it before the exam, even in the practical classes

    but anyways

    why don't you accept (( arrange to it )) ?

    you are generous sir, flexible and very kind
    i beleive so :)


  2. and we deserve, don't we ?

  3. No, Sami, you don;t deserve it. and NOOOOOOOOOO, we cannot accept "arrange to it": it is not English!!!


    it's OK... i got 37 out of 40
    and i like it,
    very much

    thanks alot for giving me my mark
    give the other students as you did with me
    thank you again :P:P
    give them now it's their right to know it :P:P:P


  5. looooooooooooooooooooooool

    realy simon

    u fell in the trap hhhhhhhh

    give me my mark at the private as sami said hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Sami has had no mark from me. I have tried my hardest to make sure gets the lowest possible mark. Some of the answers he gave which I have said are wrong were actually correct. That's how far I have gone to make sure he is not successful!!!