Thursday, 28 April 2011

Exam Update:The Good News and the Bad News

Dear Guys, Gals & Abdul Rahman [who is still confused], Ayana and I have been conversing and we have some good and bad news.
On the good side, we have decided to accept the following alternative answers:
A:4 I had been waiting for hours..
B:9 You can walk in the park but you aren't allowed to skateboard or play football.
D:17 Oranges are being grown in the south of Spain.
D:18 A lot of people are being employed in marketing.

E:25 respectfulness [definitely a noun]
F:29 I was getting married last week..
G:38 Oh, we'll make coffee and biscuits at about eleven . [but you can't use 'make' again in the next sentence].
On the bad side, we are rejecting any of the suggestions made by Ziyad Al-Soqair and Saif Al-Talhi [just joking guys].

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