Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Exam Update:Powerpoint pdf's

Dear Guys and Gals, please find below links to the pdf's for Units 6 to 8 of the Work Book. I will post the Powerpoints for these units along with the Powerpoints for the Course Book in he normal way along with links to exercise pages for the various grammar points pver the next couple of days. I am posting these pdf's now because I have been having lots of requests for me to do so.

Now, know a lot of you are nervous about the upcoming exams. Please be assured that Ayana and I will do our best to help you. Please however also be assured that we are not going to give you the questions [or answers] nor are we going to give you an exam that is lower than the level of the book. Please however keep an eye on this blog. I will try and post material that will help as often as I can.

pdf Work Book Powerpoint: Unit 6
pdf Work Book Powerpoint: Unit 7
pdf Work Book Powerpoint: Unit 8

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