Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Practical Exam:Final Practical [Oral] Exam

As hopefully you know by now, the final Practical Exam will be held during your normal class time in two weeks and will involve you giving an 'argumentative speech' of two to three minutes length related to a topic of your course. You can talk about any issue you wish.

I will give you a lot more information about argumentative speeches over the two weeks but in brief they involve you trying to convince your audience that a particular proposition is true. Among the types of arguments you might want to convince your audience of are:
- that girls are smarter than boys
- that women should be allowed to drive cars

- that Riyadh is a better city than Jeddah
- that Asprin is better for headaches than Panadol.
- that students who get A+ should get paid more.

For now, here is link to the handout about the exam.

Final Practical [Oral] Exam

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