Monday, 6 June 2011

Exam Update:Final Exam: Questions & Answers

Dear Guys and Gals, Hope you are well and recovered from your exam today. Please find below a link to the exam paper today. I have marked the correct answers in yellow.

Please note that I have decided to accept both the answers for question 33 ['Ive got a bad cough'. 'You _______ smoke']. The answer is "shouldn't", but I can understand why some of you might think "mustn't" mght be the answer. All other answers are non-negotiable [including Question 2: sorry Sami...]

Please note that Ayana and I can not give the results for the final exams until the examination board of the College allows us to so please don't ask. We will post them as soon as we can.

[sorry, the two earlier version posted had a mistake. Question 10 the answer is 'C' and I will accept answers 'B' and 'D' for question 1 (even though 'B' is the answer for question 4)]

Final Exam: Questions and Answers

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