Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Message from SimonBlog Postings

Dear Guys and Gals, I hope all is going well!! Sorry for the lack of posting on the blog lately. I have been waiting until I finished all the classes for Unit 3 before posting anything more. You will notice that I posted all the materils for Unit 3 yesterday , and the material for Unit 4 will posted half way though next week.

Over the next couple of days I will start posting the support materials for the previous units, i will also post re-worded versions of the Powerpoints for the Uits 1 and 2. The links will direct you to sites on the Web where you can practice some of the points that have been covered in the textbook.

Finally, just a reminder that if you need to contact me, you can always send an phone or send an email. Otherwise you can chat with me on Messenger [use my email address] or Facebook [name: Simon.Combe59]. Otherwise, as I have mentioned before, you can always find me most days in the coffee shop on the 30th floor of the Awalif Hotel. Just ask for 'Dr. Simon' and you should be able to get in for free. Just phone me first however to make sure I am there.

[the photo is of me, aged 4]

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