Monday, 10 October 2011

Weekly PowerpointUnit 3: People and Family

Please find below links to Media Fire files for:
1. the Powerpoint for Unit 3 of the textbook
entitled "People and Family";
2. The audio for the Unit; and,
3. a pdf of the Powerpoint.

The last file is a zipped file containing ALL the material for this unit and includes:
- the Powerpoint for the Whole Unit:
- the individual Powerpoints for the Theoretical and Practical Classes, and the Powerpoints for the Writing, Speaking and 'Homefun' Activities;
- Pdf's for all the Powerpoints plus the pdf's on the textbook, the answers and the Unit's Syllabus. Enjoy!!
Powerpoint: Unit 3
Audio mp3's: Unit 3
Powerpoint pdf: Unit 3
Writing Homework Unit 3
Speaking Homework Unit 3
Zipped File: Unit 3

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