Saturday, 15 January 2011

Exam Update:Final Information About the Exam

Guys and Gals,

I am not sure why there is such confusion and why so many of you are panicking.

To ease you minds, let me tell you this:

There are two exams:

1. English for Medicine [aka. Medical English]

2. Grammar for Communication [aka. Grammar for Communication] -

1. The 'English for Medicine' Exam
is tomorrow and consists of 60 questions.

There will be 10 listening questions included in this 60.

- 5 of the listening questions will be on the Gallbladder and will be similar to those you do every week in the large lecture.

- the other 5 listening questions will be on another topic. The listening comes from the Powerbase book and will not be difficult - believe me.

Of the 50 other questions:

- the first lot of 25 [5 X 5 lots of questions] will be in the same format as the questions you do every week in class in the English in Medicine textbook and exactly the same format as the mid-term exam.

- the second lot of 25 [again 5 X 5 lots of questions] will be similar to the types of questions you can find in the Powerbase Study and Course books.

2. The Communication Skills is on Tuesday and consists of 40 questions.

It is broken up into 10 sections with 4 questions each relating to the 10 topics covered in the Grammar section of Units 1 -9 on the Powerbase book. That is they will relate to:

- Questions & Answers;
- the Present Simple/Present Continuous;
- 'will' and 'won't';
- the Past Simple;
- Modals;
- Order of Adjectives;
- the Present Perfect;
- the Present Perfect/Past Simple;
- Time Clause; and,
- First Conditionals.

As I have said on countless occasions: work through the Grammar exercises in the Study Book and you will have no problems in the Grammar exam on Tuesday.


If you have any other questions post them here.

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