Friday, 14 January 2011

Exam Update:Gallbladder: Key Words

As you hopefully all know by know, the topic of the Reading and one of the Listenings in the exam is the Gall Bladder.

As I did last semester, I am providing a list of some of the words you might want to make sure you know. Remember however you need to base your answers on what you read and hear. This is an English exam, not an exam trying to test your knowledge of the Gall Bladder!!!

Key words:

approximately, bile, cholecystectomy, complication, concentrate (to), crystallize (to), crystals, diarrhea, digestive, duct, emulsify (to), gallbladder, hepatic, jaundice, nausea, neutralize (to), pear, secrete (to), spontaneously

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