Friday, 7 January 2011

Exam Update:Practical Exam: Online Medical Unformation Sites

As you know, for the practical exams will require you to talk for 2 to 3 minutes about a medical related topic. These might include, for example: a medical condition, a medical procedure, or a a drug.

Last year, I posted links to a number of medical on-line information sites. These are sites that are aimed at providing information for members of the general public about medical problems they might be facing; medical procedures and test they might be undergoing; and, hints about how to live longer and healthier lives.

Apart from providing you an insight to what patients may know about their real or imagined conditioned, such sites also often provide clear straightforward information about a wide range of medical issues.

As always however, it is always wise to check who runs these websites. While many are set up by Government bodies and/or Doctors associations, some are set up by drug companies and other interests groups pushing particular types of solutions for or, perspectives on medical problems.

Websites of this kind might be helpful to you in preparing for your practical exam!!

STMEP: Medical Online Information
STMEP: Medical Online Resources

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