Thursday, 25 February 2010

English Online is a Web site that helps English learners and teachers by providing useful resources such as Web-based lessons, quizzes, games, forum, chat, and blogs. This Web site consists of five sections: Learn English, Teach English, ESL Resources, ESL World, and My EnglishClub. Each section provides several sub-sections with rich learning and teaching activities and resources. In the grammar section, for example, learners can read the explanations on verbs and then take verb quizzes if they want.

An interesting feature of the site is the The Learning English Video Project which consists [so far] of 7 documentaries filmed in 7 countries: Morocco, Romania, USA, Spain, China, Brazil, UK each of which deal with questions such as "Why are people learning English?" and "What tips and advice can learners offer?" In the film on Morocco, for example, staff and learners discuss the advantages and challenges of English language learning in Morocco. Interviewees touch on a variety of topics including British vs. American accents, multi-level classrooms, and the similarities of English to French and Spanish.


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