Friday, 26 February 2010

Worshop Powerpoint:Week 1 Review Activities

Please find below links to the Powerpoint for the Week 1: Workshop session which aimed to introduce you to some of the activities you might do in the Review Section of your Practical sessions.

Among the activities reviewed are:
* Word Searches * Fallen Phrases
Message Unscrambles
* Cryptograms
* Tongue Twisters * Bingo
* Jazz Chants & * Information Gaps

I have also included links to:
* a pdf of the workshop handout [with answers] &
an mp3 of the Jazz Chant "My Blue Jeans"

If you have any problems or questions please let me know.
n.b. Just click on the RS or DF link options to get the files

Workshop Powerpoint: Week 1 [RS] [DF]
Workshop Handout: Week 1 [RS] [DF]
Jazz Chant: My Blue Jeans [RS] [DF]

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