Friday, 26 February 2010

Subject Resources:Textbook: Unit 1 / Parts 1-3

As noted previously, the textbook for this semester is English for Medicine: Part 2 by our very own Prof Chaudrey Zahid Javid. Unfortunately the book is currently not finished yet as a decision was made to make some changes to it based on feedback we received from students about it last semester.

As a result, for the next couple of weeks, I will be posting pdf versions of the sections of the Chapters to be covered here on the blog. Copies will also be available in your various photo copy sections before class hopefully [guys, the photocopy section already has copies]. Please, therefore, find copies of links to pdf versions on Sections 1-3 of Unit 1 of the textbook which will focus on the Respiratory System.

Textbook: Unit 1-Sections 1-3 [RS] [DF]

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