Saturday, 13 March 2010

Lecture Extra:Medical Procedures

As noted in class this week, Wikipedia have defined medical procedures as: "courses of action intended to achieve a result in the care of persons with health problems". While medical procedures with the intention of determining, measuring or diagnosing a patient condition or parameter, they note, are called 'Diagnostic Procedures' or Medical Test, other common kinds of Procedures are described as being 'Therapeutic' (i.e., with the intention or treating, curing or restoring function or structure), 'Surgical' and Rehabilitation.

Find below links to: the Wikipedia page of Medical Procedures which includes links to other pages detailing a whole range of them; the website [for more information see the post below]; and the list of Medical Procedures on the
[information of which I have posted before].

Medical Procedures [Wikipedia]

Medical Procedure []
Medical Procedure []

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