Friday, 19 March 2010

Medical Online Resources:Dr. Saul's Body in Motion

The Biology In Motion contains animations, interactive activities, and cartoons that have been designed with the aim to make "learning biology a richer, more engaging experience". 'After years of teaching biology in various colleges and universities', the designer notes that he began 'developing his own graphics and multimedia, mainly for in-class presentation'. 'The many positive responses' he received in turn led him initiate this website.

While, as noted in the previous posting, some of this information might be a bit basic for you now, its worthwhile remembering that as practicing doctors you will have to communicate for the most part with patients you are not experts in Medicine. The type of language used in sites like these can be ideal models for the language you might use with your patients. You might even choose to use such website to demonstrate to patients the nature of their problems.


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