Thursday, 10 June 2010

Final Theoretical Exam:1. The "What is This" Questions

Remember that this time, in the marking of the first lot of questions in the exam [ie. the "what does this word refer to" question] I am going to be particularly inflexible.

If for example the question asks you to say what "it" is and you answer, for example is, "heartbeats" you will be marked wrong. It obviously referring to something [i.e. one thing] while "heartbeats" are obviously somethings [ie. more than one thing. If you don't understand what I have just written, then read it again.

In the mid term exam there was a passage that read:

Bones serve as a storage area for minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. When an excess is present in the blood buildup will occur within the bones. When the supply of these minerals within the blood is low, it will be withdrawn from the bones to replenish the supply.

While I accepted a number of answers last exam, the only acceptable answer really is "the reserves of calcium and phosphorus stored in the bones".

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