Thursday, 10 June 2010

Final Theoretical Exam:4. Conditionals

The fourth set of question in the exam involve you proving you have understood the form of conditional sentences.

As in the sample exam, you will be asked to form conditional sentences with the help of two sets of words. Sometimes the "If/if" clause will come first, sometimes it will come second. It does not matter how you construct the sentences as long as they makes sense.

See the following:

1. new shoes / win the race
2. get married / finish medicine

3. stop smoking / lung cancer

Notice that in the two sets of words above there is always a set that is more like a cause, and a set that is more like an effect i.e "stop smoking" = cause, "lung cancer" = effect. The "if" clause is almost always attached to the cause.

Possible answers are in the comments.

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  1. Possible answers:

    1. If I get NEW SHOES, I will WIN THE RACE./
    I will WIN THE RACE is I get NEW SHOES.

    If I FINISH MEDICINE, I will get married.

    3. If I don't STOP SMOKING, I will get lung cancer./
    I will get LUNG CANCER if i don't stop smoking.