Friday, 11 June 2010

Final Theoretical Exam7: Use These Expressions

The seventh set of questions will require you to use a series of expressions from the reading in your own sentences. The expressions will be generally be made up of an adjective and a preposition: e.g. "organized by" = The reading group was organized by Simon.

This might be the most difficult question you will have to do but we have done them in class lots of times. Remember, you can always check to see how the expressions were used in the reading to help you.

To practice, have a go at writing sentences for the following expressions. Possible answers are located in the comments section.

"worked with", "loved by", "came from", "found throughout", "located at"

1 comment:

  1. Possible answers:

    - Simon WORKED WITH Hasham last semester.

    - Dr. Moin was LOVED BY all the students this year.

    - Simon CAME FROM Korea to work in Saudi Arabia.

    - Camels can be FOUND THrOUGHOUT Saudi Arabia.

    - The bus station is LOCATED AT the corner of Thalia Street and Medina Road.