Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Final Theoretical Exam:Key Words

Among the words you might come across in the exam you have not heard /seen before of are: actin, aerobic, autonomous, bound, brachii, caliber, calories, connected, contractile , contraction, controlled, derived, discriminated, distributed, embryonic, endomysium, epimysium, erection, essential, fascicles, fibers, gross, grouped, intensity, locomotion, lumen, mesodermal, myofibrils, myosin, occurs, perimysium, peristalsis, resistance, sarcomeres, skeletal, smooth, spindles, stimulus, stress, triggered, vertebrates

Don't worry too much about the obviously scientific medical words. You will not need to understand what they refer to in order to answer the questions. Worry more about the everyday nouns, adjectives and verbs as they are more important. Also remember to make sure you know the meaning of the basic prepositions. For example: through, between, from, without, of, by, throughout, by, at, underneath, with


  1. dr simon what about the grammar?

  2. coming, coming. I will post something about the grammar soon.
    As in the sample exam it has to do with forming conditional sentences