Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Medical Online Resources:Harvard/About.com Symptom Checker

'It's the middle of the night and they can't sleep because their back is bothering them. Or they just had a dizzy spell which caused them feel faint. Or they've noticed for the past few weeks that they get heartburn when they lie down in bed at night and wonder what could be causing it.'

'While they know they should probably call to make a doctor's appointment', notes in her about.com article about Symptom Checkers, members of the general public of what their doctor might tell them are increasingly turning to online symptom checkers.

One of the most popular and well know of these is the one developed by the Medical School at Harvard University the information from which is also available at About.com. Here people can chick on a part of the body and then choose from a list of symptoms to determine what condition they might have.

Please check below f0r links to: the articles by Trisha Torry in online symtpom checkers; the Harvard and About.com sites for their symptom checker; and, a sample page on symptoms related to the ear nose and throat. I'll be posting links to some more 'symptom checkers' in coming weeks.

1. Using Health Website Symptom Checkers [About.com]
2.. Symptom Checker [About.com Site]
3. Symptom Checker [Harvard Site]
4. Sample: ENT Sypmtoms

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