Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Final Practical Exam:Listening Questions

As I have said in class, there will be five marks awarded for answering a set of listening questions. These questions will answered during the Theoretical Exam on a separate piece of paper.

The nature of the questions in the listening part of the Practical Exam will be similar but not the same as the listening found in Task 8: Unit 5 in the textbook ie. it will involve noting down the results of a patients lab report as reported from lab technician to a doctor [click on the image to the left]. You will have to note down 10 pieces of information with ewach piece of information being worth 1/2 a mark each.

I have included the audio for this exercise on the link below. I will also post a sample conversation and blank lab report next week.

If you have any questions remember I will be available during my usual contact hours on Wednesday morning from 9 to 11 and also throughout the whle of next week.

1. Audio Task 8: Unit 5

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