Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Final Theoretical Exam:Practice Exam

Just a reminder that I will be giving you the opportunity to do a practice exam during class tomorrow [Wednesday].

The subject of the practice exam will be 'the nose' and it will follow the same format as both the mid-term and final exams:

_30 Questions:
_20 Reading :
___5 find the word;
___5 complete the sentence;
___5 multiple choice;
___5 True/False
_5 Listening:
___5 True/False,
_5 Grammar:
___5 correct the sentence

There will be no marks given for this exercise but it will give you an opportunity to practice for the final exam and find out where your weaknesses [if any] are.

I will post a copy of the exam along with the answers and transcripts of the listening tomorrow [ Wednesday] night.

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