Friday, 1 January 2010

Final Practical Exam:Details & Assessment Sheet

As noted in class, for the final Practical Exam you will be required to give a 2 minute talk [aprox] and answer a number of questions.

The talk will need to be:
* related to a topic covered in this semester’s practical classes [see options below]; and
* aimed at a level that can be understood by the general public.

While students will be allowed to use notes, obviously students who speak without notes will be given credit for doing so.

Students will however be given at least a pass grade if they manage to speak for two minutes and answer questions.

The senario for you talk will be as follows:

You have been asked to come and speak to two representatives of the general public about a medical related issue. You will be given two to three minutes to speak and will need to answer a couple of questions. Given that the representatives of the general public [Mr. Hasham Khan & Dr Simon Combe] are not medical experts, the talk will need to be aimed at a level they can understand. Likewise, it may be expected that their questions will also be aimed at a general [i.e. non specialist level].

The presentation, including the answers to the questions, will be assessed using the attached assessment form and will relate to:

* Content: Topic, Information, Answers [to questions]
* Method: Introduction, Body, Conclusion
* Presentation: Posture, Eye contact, Gesture
* Others: Use of notes, Fluidity, Comprehensibility
A mark will also be given based on:
* General Impression

The topics of your talks will need to relate to the topics covered in this semester’s practical classes. These might include for example:

* A medical condition: e.g. diabetes, lung cancer, menopause, myocardial infarction etc...
* A medical procedure or test: e.g. Chest X-Rays, ECG’s MRI’s, Serum Cholesterol Test etc...
* An issue in patient/doctor communication: e.g. taking a history, Examining a Patient, etc...

If you have any questions about the suitability of a topic, please ask.

Find below links to a copy of the exam details in Word format; and, a copy of the assessment sheet that will be used to assess your performance.

1. Final Practical/Oral Exam [Details]
2. Final Practical/Oral Exam [Assessment Sheet]

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