Friday, 1 January 2010

Medical Online InformationBetter Health

Better Health is an online medical information site produced by the Department of Health of the Australia State Government - Victoria [the city of Melbourne is in Victoria]

The website was founded in 1999 by the Victorian Government, Australia as a consumer health information website for the Victorian community. It is now Australia's most popular health and medical website.

The site’s aim has always been to provide free health and medical information in an easy to understand format and language.

Thanks to the support of Better Health Channel visitors, partners and staff, what started as a modest website of around 100 facts sheets has now become a large repository of over 1,770 facts sheets, hundreds of healthy recipes, interactive features and calculators, directories and more.

Find below links to: the home page of the site; the Fact Sheets page which has links to the various categories of 'Fact Sheets' including 'Diseases & Conditions' and 'Treatments'; Patients information; and two sample pages related to Lapartomy & Arthritis. Check it out. You might find it uselful for your oral exam. More site to come in the next couple of days.

1. Better Health []
2. Fact Sheets [Better Health]
3. Patient Information [Better Health]
4. Sample 1: Laparotomy
5. Sample 2: Athritis

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