Monday, 30 November 2009

English Learning Tip 4 :Don't Overdo it

While it is important to study in order to learn English, a number of experts warn that you should not try and do too much at one time. In short, the message is: Don't Overdo It!

"Studying 15 minutes per day", the people at EGO-4U argue, "is more effective than studying 2 hours once every week."

"For a whole week", they suggest, "try studying 15 minutes each day. Not less. And definitively not more than that (even if you could)".
"You will see", they add, "that the following day, studying is much more fun, simply because you didn't push it to the limit the day before".
Their message: Know when to stop before you start.

Don't Overdo it [EGO-4U]

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