Saturday, 28 November 2009

English Learning Tips 2:Set Yourself Achievable Goals

According to the LEO Network website, one good way of learning English effectively is to set yourself achievable goals. Among the goals they suggest you could set are:

* Join an English course (and attend regularly).
* Do your homework.
* Read a book a month.
* Learn a new word every day.
* Visit an English speaking forum every day.
* Read a news article on the net every day.
* Do 10 minutes listening practice every day.
* Watch an English film at least once a month.
* Follow a soap, comedy or radio or TV drama.

Have a goal to aim for, it is suggested is better than simply just drifting along hoping that improvements in your English will occur magically. Find below links to: the LEO Network article that mentions Goal setting; some hints about how to set goals on the website; and an online Lesson and Quiz from the site

Set Yourself Achievable Goals [Leo Network]
Goal Setting []
Setting Goals for Learning []

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