Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Subject Resources:Sample Mid-Term Exam

Find below a link to a copy of a Sample Mid-Term Exam. The Sample Exam is based on Unit 1 [ie. The Skin] and the answers can be found in the Powerpoint for that Unit. The exam will consist of 30 questions and you will be given 60 minutes to do it. The listening will be played twice only.

Please note that the text and listening for the real Mid-Term exam will not come from the textbook. It will instead come from another source and be on a topic [ie. [part of the body] not covered in class. I will let you know what part of the body will be covered in the exam as soon as I decide which part it will be.

Sample Mid-Term Exam


  1. After downloading this file and opening it
    I could not understand a single word
    because it was like this((هy@  × [Content_Types].xml ¢ ( ))
    N.B:I use word2003

    send your solution on

  2. Hi Dr.Simon....
    how r u ?
    hope u r fine ....

    i took a look on the exam...
    and i found i have only 2 mistiks...
    but u just gave me 23 marks of 30 insted of 28 marks....
    thank u somuch and i am sorry about that..
    see ya later ..
    ur fithfully: Turki Obedullah Al-Thobiti