Thursday, 26 November 2009

English Learning Tip 1:Conduct Learning 'Backlog Analyses

As English Grammar Online 4U notes, it is frustrating that its often "the same mistakes that prevent you from getting that better mark in your English tests". How then can you unlearn those mistakes they ask. One clue, they suggest is "don’t try too much at a time". "Instead", they argue, "concentrate on just one typical mistake. 1. Go through the explanations and exercises in your grammar reference or textbook; 2. look out for that specific grammar aspect; 3.Write down the category, and the,
4. start unlearning it.

This process, they suggest, can be called 'backlog analysis'. The term 'backlog analysis' comes from the field of business and refers to 'unfinished work or orders that have been received but are either incomplete or in the process of completion'. [see:] To help in the process of analyzing your 'backlog' of unaddressed English errors, English Grammar Online 4U have provided a Backlog Analysis Checklist you can unload [see below. They have also provide a link on their website to some discussions of some the most common recurring errors English learners make [e.g. some/any and much/many, negative sentences and pronouns.

Find below links to 1. EGO4U's Backlog Analysis Form; 2. EGO's List of Typical English Mistakes; 3. The LEO Network [LEON]'s List of Common Mistakes and Confusing Words in English and 4. A series of Tests and Quizes devised by the LEON to help you analysis whether you understand these issues or nor.

1. Backlog Analysis form(PDF format)
2. EGO4U's List of Links to Typical English Mistakes
3. LEON's Mistakes and Confusing Words in English; and
4. LEON's English Mistakes Tests and Quizes

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