Saturday, 21 November 2009

English Learning Tools 1:Graded Readers & Audio Tapes

As the British Council notes in their page on their use, Graded Readers or ‘Readers’ are books "that have had the language level simplified to help second language learners read them. The language is graded for vocabulary, complexity of grammar structures and also by the number of words. They are made to cater for all levels from beginners through to advance." They are particular valuable if they come with an audio tape so that you can also try to improve your listening ability. Many publishing house produce graded readers and they can be a useful way to improve your English and also your knowledge of world literature. I have included below links to the British Councils' page on Graded readers and a download link to one such reader [with audio] from the great American 19th century short story write Edgar Allen Poe. If you'd like to know more about Graded Readers or some links to other books, please let me know.

Using Graded Readers [British Council]
Sample Graded Reader: Edgar Allen Poe File 1 File 2

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