Sunday, 22 November 2009

English Learning Tools 2:Adventure Games

One interesting and fun way to learn or improve your English is the play Adventure Games. According to the ESL site, Adventure Games are "a kind of computer game which is similar to a movie. There is always a story and the main character (usually a person, such as a detective or a pirate). The difference is that you don't just watch — instead, you control the main character . You use your mouse or keyboard, and your character moves around in the game world, looks at things, picks them up, uses them, and talks to other character. Your character also talks to you. For example, when you tell him to look at something, he will tell you what he sees. You can then use this information to decide what to do next."

According to, as an English learner, "you want to see and hear lots of English sentences. Adventure games are ideal, because they are based on dialogue. Your character talks to himself, talks to you and talks to other characters. Everything depends on dialogue." When you play an adventure game, they suggest:
1. You program your brain with good English.

2. You improve your understanding of spoken English
3. You improve your pronunciation.
4. You increase your motivation.

Look below to find links to: the introduction to the use of adventure games in learning English; the web site for "The_Secret_of_Monkey_Island" (one of the adventure games recommended by AntiMoon); a site where you can download a copy of "The_Secret_of_Monkey_Island" using rapidshare; and, a site with links to free online Adventure Games:

Learning English with Adventure Games []
The_Secret_of_Monkey_Island" [official site]
"The_Secret_of_Monkey_Island" [rapidshare]
Free online Adventure Games

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