Saturday, 21 November 2009

Message From Simon:Holiday 'English Learning Tips'

Dear Guys, Hope all is well. I am just writing to thanks those people who have contacted me about my traffic accident [a 'mishap' would be a better word. Both the car and myself are fine. On another matter I wanted to let you know that over the next two weeks I will try and post a series of 'English Learning Tips'. Students have been asking me "how can I best improve my English" and my answer is always the same: "People learn in different ways so you need to find the best ways that suit your learning preferences". The tips I will put forward over the next couple of weeks won't suit everybody but it is just possible that some of them may suit you. If you have any questions please send and email, phone or check out if I am on Skype [my Skype name is: simon.combe]. For now, be good and safetly!!

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