Wednesday, 16 December 2009

EMP Web ResourcesEdHead Animated Surgery Simulations

To unwind after the exams how about trying your hand at doing a bit of [virtual] surgery! You can do this by checking out some of the animated operations available at

Edheads aims to help students learn through educational games and activities designed to meet state and national standards. They partner with various school systems in the United States, which 'help them research, design and test their activities every step of the way'. Edheads has been recognized by almost every major award on the Web for heir excellent educational content!

Find below links to their: Virtual Hip Replacement; Virtual Hip Resurfacing; Deep Brain Simulation; and Virtual Knee Operation activities. Explore the site to find other activities and virtual simulations. There are also links to: Glossaries, Surgery Videos, and Interesting People in these various fields you might find useful.

1. Virtual Hip Replacement []
2. Virtual Hip Resurfacing []
3. Deep Brain Simulation []
4. Virtual Knee Operation []

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