Monday, 14 December 2009

The Mid-Term Exam:Last Words

I am still having phone calls about the exam in which people are asking about things that I thought I had covered clearly in class.

Just so that all is clear, the following points should cover all questions:

1. The exam is on Tuesday morning at 8:30 and will last 60 minutes.

2. There will be 30 questions which will consist of:
- 5 'what do these words refer to' questions based on the passage;

- 5 'complete these sentences' questions with words / expressions drawn from the passage;

- 5 'multiple choice' questions based on the passage;

- 5 'true/false' questions based on the passage;

- 5 'true/false' questions related to the listening; &

- 5 'correct these sentences' questions drawn from the first three chapters of the textbook.
3. The reading and listening will focus on the mouth.

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