Tuesday, 1 December 2009

English Learning Tips 6:Find Out What Type of Leanrner You Are

Just as there are different ways to get from Jeddah to Taif, there are different ways to learn. One tip put forward by many observers of lnguage learning is that it is useful, as the people at the LEO Network have stated, "to find out what kind of learner you are in order to better understand how to learn more effectively".

While there are a number of typologies of learner styles, most of them make distinctions between: Visual Learners; Auditory Learners; and Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners. Among the other type of leaners that that been identified are: Global Learners, and Analytic Leaners.

While one could write much on this topic, Judie Haynes has noted that while, for example, Auditory Learners are to recall what they hear and oral instructions; learn by listening and speaking; enjoy talking and interviewing; are phonetic readers who enjoy oral reading, choral reading, and listening to recorded books; and, learn best by: interviewing and debating; participating on panels; giving oral reports; and participating in oral discussions of written material, Visual Learners are able to recall what they see and written instructions.; are sight readers who enjoy reading silently or have material presented to them in a video; and learn by observing and with: computer graphics; maps, graphs and charts; cartoons; posters; diagrams; graphic organizers; text with a lot of pictures.

To read more about language learning and learning styles, see the links below to the Leon Networks discussion of the issue; Judie Haynes' article "Teach to Students' Learning Styles" on EverythingESL.net; and,

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