Sunday, 13 December 2009

From The News Room:Families Told to Do More to Curb School Brawls

Families told to do more to curb school brawls
Suleiman Al-Diyabi | Arab News
TAIF: The level of violence in schools in Taif has reached an unhealthy high with teachers also on the receiving end, something that has now led to many schools calling on families to help curb the problem by reining in their children.

say the violence that is plaguing schools in the Taif area is affecting students’ education. High school teacher Abdulah Al-Qarni said teachers used to be well respected and that this is not the case nowadays. “Teachers are no longer respected.

Not a week passes
without us hearing about fights in schools. I think part of the problem lies in the amount of violence children see on TV and in video games,” said Al-Qarni.

“It is scary
to hear about mass brawls among schoolchildren,” added Al-Qarni, who like other teachers in the Taif area is often threatened by students who fail their examinations...
Came across this story this morning in the Arab News. I hope I don't need to worry!! To read the full story, flow the link below.

p.s. a good way to improve your English is to try and read your local newspapers in English everyday. The online edition of Arab News. is a good place to start.

Arab News: Families Told to Do More to Curb School Brawls

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