Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mid-Term Exam:Some Comments on Particular Questions

Thanks for coming to the exam today. Just in case your are a bit confused about the answers to some of the questions, I thought I'd comment on just a couple of questions which were answered incorrectly by quite a few students.

Q1. Line 1 which: changing the composite of food - while I accepted 'the digestive process' the answer is clearly 'changing the composite of food'. According o the sentence, the digestive process starts with changing the composite of food which in turn begins with the teeth and the chemical effects of saliva. .

Q5. Line 18 which: an obvious exterior depression - it was necessary to write the whole expression. Writing 'an obvious exterior' was not enough. The word 'depression' after all is the noun.

Q8. The process of economic change affects all our lives. it is definitely 'process' but I allowed 'creating' because of the confusion caused by the 'of'. Creating is a verb, the better word would have been 'creation' which is the noun

Q26. Who does call you every morning? / Who calls you every morning? The 's' in calls was essential.

Q28. All human beings has the skin. / All human beings have skin you needed to remove the 'the' in addition to changing 'has' to 'have'

That's all for now, be good and happy, best wishes, Simon

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