Saturday, 26 December 2009

Medical Online InformationWellsphere

Wellsphere’s mission is ''to help millions of people live healthier, happier lives by connecting them with the knowledge, people and tools they need to manage and improve their health''.

Recognizing that ''each person has their own unique health questions'', they developed a model that ''combines personalized information and social support to help people address their individual concerns'. After, what they claim to be 'extensive research and development', Wellsphere launched WellPages, powered by its innovative Health Knowledge EngineTM, ''enabling users to quickly and efficiently find comprehensive, personal answers and support for their specific health needs – all on one personalized webpage''.

Among the 'Featured WellPages' on Wellsphere are: Breast Cancer, Treatments for Lower Back Pain, Organic Chocolate, Getting Kids to Eat Healthy, Foods for Diabetics, and How to Stop Migraines. Otherwise you can just enter your topic of interest and they will create a 'WellPage' for you.


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