Tuesday, 29 December 2009

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Health.Discovery.com is the web page for the Discovery Health Channel (or DHC), launched on August 2, 1999.

The Channel is a U.S. cable television network dedicated to programming that highlights various aspects of health and wellness (and unwellness as well). The network is a media property of Discovery Communications Inc., the parent company of other popular cable TV networks such as Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet.

Health.discovery.com provided online resource for health information, fitness tips, drug addiction treatment options, acne treatments, weight loss, information about diseases and health conditions, and more.

Find below links to the original Health.Discovery.com site and the web site for the Canadian and British spin-offs of the Channel.


1. Discovery Health [Health.Discovery.com]
2. Discovery Health-Canada [http:/www.discoveryhealth.ca]
3. Discovery - Home & Health [yourdiscovery.com]

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