Monday, 28 December 2009

Lecture Extras:Past & Past Participle Forms for Irregular Verbs

As their names implies, notes, irregular verbs are those verbs ''that fall outside the standard patterns of conjugation [ie. the creation of derived forms of verbs from their original form due to such factors as number, gender and tense – eg. ski, skis, skied, skiing].''

The past forms of irregular verbs are challenging because there are no easy rules for forming them.

* some are the same as the base form, * some change their vowels and/or endings, and * a few are completely different from the base forms.
    While the past participles for regular verbs are the same as their past forms:

    * e.g. look-looked-looked and study-studied-studied,
... for irregular verbs, the past and past participle forms are different:

* e.g. be-was/were-been and go-went-gone

To learn more about the past and past participle forms of irregular verbs see the links below to a n article on irregular verbs from and some quizzes from and

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