Monday, 28 December 2009

Lecture Extra:Past Indefinite Tense

As the MBA Aspirants Zone site of India’s International Management Institute notes, the Past Indefinite Tense denotes actions or happenings that took place in the past.

For example:
* My friend has lived in the USA since 1974.
* My friend lived in the USA.
While, however, in the first sentence shows that my friend is still in the USA, the second sentence shows that my friend is not in the USA.

The site also notes that while:

* in the Active Voice, the second form of the verb
(educated, worshiped, won, lived, constructed, etc.)

is always used;

* in the Passive Voice, be (was, were) + the third form of the verb is used.

Find below links to the International Management Institute's MBA Aspirants Zone page on the Past Indefinite Tense; and, the page on the tense

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