Tuesday, 8 December 2009

English Learning Tips:9Break Study Time Into Smaller Chunks

According to the Vistawide.com web site, esearch shows that "language students learn more effectively and retain more when they study frequently and for shorter periods of time than if they study infrequently for extended periods of time." What this suggests is that you should break study time into smaller chunks.

"Try to study each day"
, Vistawide.com suggests..."... and whenever possible, several times a day. This means, for instance, doing a few homework exercises each day rather than doing all homework assignments the night before they are due."

"In addition", they note ..."... there are many otherwise mentally idle moments during the day when you can work in some studying. For example, you can review vocabulary while eating breakfast, recite the alphabet while showering, count your steps as you walk between classes, name as many object as you can in the target language on your to way school, take your vocabulary flash cards with you on a road trip".

"There are many moments during the day"
, they conclude, "when you can squeeze in a few minutes of practice time. Through the repetition of material, it will be come increasingly familiar, until it eventually becomes an automatic part of your language repertoire"..

Find below a link to the Vistawide.com site

1. Break Study Time Into Smaller Chunks [vistawide.com]

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