Sunday, 20 December 2009

Mid-Term Exam:Mid-Term Exam Paper Review Results

As promised, I carried out a careful review of the mid-term examination papers today taking into account submissions made by a number of students with respect to certain questions and the way they were answered. As a result I have increased the marks of a number of students and these results will be reflected in a revised list of the marks in the next couple of days. The results when published will be the final ones.

Please have a look at the answers to the questions that were posted last week here and try and determine where you made the errors you did. As the final 'theoretical' exam will be closely modeled on the one you have just done, if you managed to address your learning gaps, then your chances of getting a much better mark in the next exam will be much greater. As always, if you need my help in trying to address some of these gaps, just ask.

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